“True art is a journey to rediscover the simplicity of directness you already possess”  


 The simplest answer towards explaining myself is that I am an Artist - always have been, always will be - as to my work, it is a progressive, visual journey that is marked with interesting waypoints represented by the paintings I create at those times. Each series of paintings represents a new perspective, a new understanding, and a new appreciation of being an Artist.

Everything I know about Art comes about through my own personal explorations as opposed to being taught (confined to) any one school of thought, and/or specific, unyielding technique, which is to say that my approach towards my Art affords me the privilege of a truly unbiased, personal form of self-expression unfettered by the confines of the structured approaches to which others adhere, and are thus bound by - I am free to express through whatever means appropriate (or necessary), my own inspirations which are by their very nature boundless.

As a self-taught Artist I have no curriculum vitae to list - no School of Art was attended, no degree thus attained, no piece of paper awarded to validate an already innate artistic nature - you will not see here any list of awards, collectors or patrons pertaining to past works; that is not to say those things do not exist, but rather that they are simply unnecessary because any (or all) of those things do not make Art better - one should buy (collect) what you like - it really is that simple if you are free…

"Art reaches its greatest peak when devoid of self-consciousness. Freedom discovers man the moment he loses concern over what impression he is making or about to make."   - Bruce Lee

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